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Debtor Finance – Invoice Factoring – Progress Claim Finance


Debtor Finance sometimes known as invoice discounting, factoring, cashflow finance, working capital finance and invoice factoring finance gives you the ability to access the cash tied up in your invoices and may be all you need to smooth out your cash flow or help get your business moving again.

At the Business Loans Centre we will assist you to improve your business cash flow requirements through a number of business finance options available Australia Wide.

We understand the true value of debtor books so our specialist financiers can tailor a solution that helps maximise your borrowing power, unlocking cash flow based on the value of your debtor book. Get an advance of up to 85% against outstanding invoices, without taking on any additional debt.

Debtor Finance facilities are provided with total confidentiality and do not require bricks and mortar security.  

What industry sectors can benefit from Progress Claim Finance?

The most common type of Progress Claim clients are subcontractors working for principal contractors or end employers in the construction sector, and operating under the Securities of Payment Act.

Other business sectors include IT and software/web development, however Business Loans Centre will seek a solution for any type of business which bills progressively.

Progress Claims Finance Options

Progress Claim Finance is a unique business finance option which essentially provides invoice finance to those businesses who engage in contractual type arrangements with invoices billed on a progressive basis.

Funding is advanced against the stage or progress claims, thereby injecting working capital back into the business to fund growth and improve cash flow.

What is Debtor Finance ?

Debtor finance is a process to fund a business using its accounts receivable ledger as collateral. Generally, companies that have low working capital reserves can get into cash flow problems because invoices are paid on net 30, 60 or 90 day plus terms.

Debtor finance lenders have the solutions to fund slow paying invoices, which improves the cash flow of your business. This puts you and your business in a better position to pay operating expenses.

Debtor finance is just one of the number of solutions to which businesses are increasingly turning to the Business Loans Centre for their business cash flow options.


Debtor Finance -The smarter way to finance your business!

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